Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Wednesday... Angels all around me...

Yay, Today is "White Wednesday"! Please stop by and visit Kathleen and see what everyone is showing off for their "White Wednesday".

I thought I would share some pictures of my white angels that are scattered around my home. My husband surprised me with my first cherub angel and I loved it so much he went back to the store and bought me a second one. Before I knew it I had a nice collection started...

My sister Laura bought me the sweet angel that is laying on top of my dresser in the guest bedroom. I think I bought myself the other angel with the harp that is standing on the same dresser. On the nightstand is a cherub angel...Do you think I might have a thing for angels? I also have the same cherub angel in my bathroom on my vanity and one more statue of two angels on my wicker stand. One is playing the flute and the other is playing a harp. I almost forgot the other angel on my mantel, my sister Cheryl bought that one for me, it's a tea light, I love the glow it gives off at night.

I'm blessed with all the "ANGEL'S" in my life and I send my blessings to you.

Please be sure to visit Kathleen and say "hi"!


  1. That is how collections start, isn't it?! I do love cherubs too or naked babies as my kids call them!
    Happy WW!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for coming by my place and leaving such a sweet note.

    So glad you liked the teabag rose bouquets.
    The tutorial is on my sidebar. Be sure if you make any to let me know. I would love to how them off at my place.

    Love all your angels.
    One can never have too many. =)

    barbara jean

  3. Hi Kim!
    What a pretty blog!
    Thank you so much for coming by my home today!
    I love new faces :)
    I used to collect angels, too!
    Last count, I had 38 of them here and there!
    My mom got most of them for me.
    I don't collect them anymore, sadly, we moved and I had to pare down some things.
    But yours are lovely, I especially love the ones in your bath! Precious.
    Thank you for bringing back memories of my angels to me!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!
    So nice to meet you!

  4. Hi Kim,

    What a charming collection you have!


  5. I love angels anywhere and anytime! :)

    I love having a PEEK into your home! YUM!


  6. HI Kim,

    My sister loves angels and this post reminded me of her! :)

    Blessings to you too and thank you for you sweet comment over at Bird Crafts!


  7. Hi Kim,
    A long time ago I collected angels and then when we moved into our new house I put them away. Better get them out after seeing how lovely yours look. I am lovin the one that is laying down, so sweet.

    I should have known that someone as sweet as you would collect angels.



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