Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Centerpiece Wednesdays!

I'm joining a fun new party where you share your table centerpieces. The party is hosted by "The Style Sisters"! Please stop by and check out their amazing Memorial Day ideas, you'll love all the beautiful ideas they are sharing!

Hope you have a great day, all you red loving gals!

While shopping at Salvation Army last week, I was strolling through the aisle when I happened upon this cute wicker doll pram. It has a red and white gingham hood, and big red wheels! This was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time! I knew right away how I wanted to use it and could envision how it would look.

A perfect find for "Centerpiece Wednesday"...

Red and White Gingham Hood; Lacy trim and cute little red bows on either side...

I just love the wheels, round and round they go...

I wonder who loved this cute wicker doll pram, did a little girl put her dolly's in it and push them around?

I like to imagine someone loving this, as much as I do...

Memorial Day Centerpiece...
nothing says "RED" like a geranium plant, add red and white gingham; precious...

Thank you; "Style Sisters" for hosting Centerpiece Wednesdays! I'm happy I was able to join in this week!

I hope your day is filled with "SUNSHINE", thank you for visiting; I really appreciate each of your "SWEET" comments.

So please tell me "What kinda red loving girl or you"?


  1. Good Morning Kim!
    I see that you are at it again.....creating lovely things. This is the cutest little baby carriage and to use it for a centerpiece is a great idea! I love it.


  2. What a darling centerpeice! It's precious and I love it!

  3. Kim your centerpiece is so darling! What a sweet idea. Thanks for telling us about the Style Sisters too. Have a blessed day. Cindy

  4. Now this is awesome!! I love this buggy! I can't believe you saw it at the Salvation Army!! It is sooo cute! What a great idea of using it as a centerpiece! Love the creativity! Thanks for linking up to the party!


  5. That is an adorable, very creative centerpiece!


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