Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Favorites...

Today is Sunday Favorites, hosted by Chari at "Happy to Design". Please stop by and visit Chari and check out what she and other bloggers are sharing. Chari came up with the idea to copy and paste one of our favorite past posts. We had already spent alot of time and effort preparing for them once, so why not share them again. Thus...Sunday Favorites was born! So now you know why your viewing a post that you may have seen recently. I know you thought I was crazy...

I had wanted to work on this project for over a year. I had all the supplies I needed already in the house, so this project was inexpensive, no running out to buy anything.

So I gathered up a jar, three different colored ribbons, buttons, a few nests, birds, white, blue and silver berries, strips of music sheets that I had curled, a tiny strand of pearls, some glue sticks, and my glue gun.

I then started to design my bottle, once I knew what I wanted to do I started to fill up the jar. I added a bit of fluffy snow, some blue and white buttons and some glittered twigs.

The jar was starting to look cute but it needed something more...but what?
I went to my stack of quotes and found just what I needed, it reads:

It is difficult to know at what moment love begins, it is less difficult to know that it has begun.

This was a perfect quote, as I was making this jar for someone special that is going through a very difficult time. I also knew that she would understand the meaning of the quote.

I then began to work on the top of the jar, I started to make a tassel like top. I used the music strips and loops of the three ribbons and some shimmery white pearls and glued them all together. Much like you would do if you where making a tassel.

Once I was done with my tassel and I was satisfied, I glued it to the top of my bottle.

I then began to design the bird nest. I added some Spanish moss, more of the curled music sheets, glittered twigs, some pretty buttons, berries, and some pearls. It was so sweet but something was missing, it needed some sparkle.

I went back to my craft supplies, grabbed some white glue, and white glitter, yay, glitter! I used some glue and glitter on the crown and tail of the sweet blue bird. But it needed more yet, so I glittered the nest. It came out so pretty, I'm very pleased.

Now for the scary part, I had to glue the nest to the top of the bottle, with a bit of fussing, I was able to get it to sit perfectly.

Ta-Dah, the completed bird jar, I just think it's darling and I'm sure birdie will be happy in it's new home. I know that it will be loved by the sweet girl who is going to receive it from me.

---UPDATE, THE BIRDIE JAR WAS GIVEN TO MY SWEET NIECE FOR MOTHER'S DAY TODAY...SHE LOVES IT, We both got a LITTLE BIT WEEPY, but she thought he was adorable. I'm so happy she loves him, you see Danielle is nesting herself and soon her sweet little baby boy will be born.

This took me longer to do as it was my first jar of this type. Generally when I do a new craft I always make three of the same thing. My friend Cheri taught me that. You have to make the first one to keep for yourself, and the others you can sell or give away. It's much easier to make more than one when you have all your supplies out anyways. And you are less likely to drag everything back out to do the project again.
Since it was very late when I made this only one has been made. I will, however, get everything back out soon and make some more. Perhaps, you will be the LUCKY recipient of one...

Happy Mother's Day to all my new blogging friends, I can feel the love already!

I hope your day is filled with SUNSHINE. Thank you for visiting, your kind comments are always VERY much appreciated.


  1. Good Morning Kim!
    Happy Mother's Day to you. I hope you have a wonderful day planned.
    I remember this post and I loved it then and I love it now! That little birdie on the top is so adorable. I bet your niece just loves it.

    On another note, you should receive your pillow by Tuesday or Wed. depending on what mood the post office is in! Again, I want to thank you.


  2. it turned out gorgeous!!! I love the colors...have a wonderful day!!!

  3. How utterly charming and oh so pretty!.., I just love it!..,

    You are very creative my dear!~ I especially love the cherub in the photoshoot vignette, as well as your lovely color selection and of course most of all, your beautiful creation!

    Please pop by for a visit sometime also..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee

  4. So, so pretty! I just love the colors and am amazed how you brought all these items together and created something so lovely!

  5. You've got a beautiful blog. I poked around and found out that you are very crafty. Loved your bottle.

  6. Hi Kim...

    Oooh...what a fabulous post to share with us for Sunday Favorites! I have to tell you, I already have several photos of your tutorial saved to my computer because I just adore this beautiful bottle!!! My friend, you are so very creative and talented!!! I love, love, LOVE this fabulous decorated the little birds nest on top! I am going to give this project a it!!! Thank you again for sharing it with us!

    Have a fabulous week, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Kim you are so very talented! I can see what your niece loved it! If you have a moment please stop by my blog and view my new post ~ Beautiful Blogging!

    Have a wonderful week!


  8. My goodness you are oh so talented and crafty! I loooooovvvve this! Oh it makes me want to break out all of my supplies! Thank you for stopping by to share with my memories, I also added a picture of my little angels to my post thank you for the suggestion!

  9. Thanks for stopping by!

    I am in love with your bird nest jar! It is beautiful! The music page is so classy, and I love love love the colors. Amazing.

  10. I love this! I love all your little embellishments: the buttons, the music sheets, the berries, etc. So beautiful!

    I have a question about the music sheets:
    Do you use actual music paper or do you copy or scan the original?

    Oh, I love your idea of making 3 of the same item. Often, I don't want to part with the items I've made!


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