Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to "Pink Saturday"...

I'm joining the party at "Pink Saturday" today! Please visit Beverly's lovely blog to see a complete list of all the participants in today's Pink Saturday.

A few years ago I took a vacation to Madaket Beach, Nantucket, MA and then shortly after, took a vacation to Cape Cod, MA. I brought back a bucket full of sand and shells from the beach at the Cape, knowing I wanted to do a project with them. Of course I had taken many pictures. Two years later I finally gathered up my supplies and began to put things together.

I took a large glass cylinder that I purchased at Big Lots and added the beach sand to it. I then began to fill it with my shells, but it seemed to be missing something. I grabbed one of my pink candles (I'm not really a pink girl) that I had from a Victorian faze I had gone through years ago and added it to the cylinder. Still boring, bland, etc.
That's when it hit me, Saturday. Now that sounded a little more interesting than plain white shells.
I got the inspiration from Tales from an oc cottage!

So out came the Martha Stewart Glue and Pink Glitter from Walmart. Before long...I had pretty, glittered, pink shells and one pink starfish! Yay, that is soo much better. I still left many of the shells and starfish white, but loved the hit of the pink, it really made the whole look come together.

I then glittered a shell and starfish tag...

I printed a quote that I really love and glittered that as well...

It's beginning to look pretty, love the glittery pink...

I added a few a photos from my vacation, that are very special to me...

A little bit of shimmery pink ribbon...

The pretty pink starfish, shell tag and quote...

Finally, the finished project...

Close up of a picture of my mom and my second oldest brother Richard, walking along, holding hands. This is my very favorite picture of the two of them.

I knew right away this would be a perfect picture as they just happened to be wearing the same color shorts and shirts. Most of all I love the hand holding of mother and son...

The beautiful quote that I loved...

If your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.

I hope your day is filled with SUNSHINE and lot's of PINK! Thank you for visiting, your kind comments are always VERY much appreciated.


  1. I'm loving your PINNNNNNKS! This was wonderful to read about....I'm soo going to use your tips and try this out for myself!

    Thanks for sharing, Kim!


  2. Welcome and happy pink Ssturday. You will love it here.
    What a lovely pink post.
    Have a nice day.
    Riet, The Netherlands

  3. This is such a great idea and I love the finished vignette.

    Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

    Best wishes,

  4. Oh my heavens I am in Looooooovvvvvve with this project, I see seashells all the time when I am out treasure hunting and I never pick them up but I always think they are pretty. This is beautiful! You have inspired me. Thank you and welcome to Pink Saturday.
    squishy hugs,

  5. Welcome to Pink Saturday, Kim! Your pink project is so pretty! I love sea shells and I spend most of the summer at the beach! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a wonderful pink weekend.


  6. I like anything that sparkles...... Your pink dusting is beautiful and the vignette is lovely. Welcome to Pink Saturday.

  7. So beautiful proyect, great idea to glitter the shells. Looks great

    Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday!!!


  8. Hi Kim and welcome to Pink Saturday. Your vignette is simply gorgeous..Happy Pinks..

  9. OMG! I am working on a similar project for my just-done beach inspired bedroom! Can I "borrow" your glitter idea because I just love it! I am now following you to keep up with all your bloggin! Welcome to PS!


  10. That is just lovely....I bought those same jars but the project I am working on will be completely different...

  11. Hi Kim, welcome to Pink Saturday! I LOVE what you did with the shells..oh my heart be still! Very pretty!
    Stop by and say hi!

  12. What a great idea. I sooooo love that! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  13. luv the project, and welcome to pink saturday.

  14. you're right, that really is a great foto of your mum and brother! welcome to Pink Saturday <3

  15. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love what you have done with all your "finds". I must say the picture of your Mom and brother is my favorite. So touching for Mother's Day.

  16. Such a clever idea! I love sea shells. When we lived in Florida I would walk along the beach collecting shells.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. I just found this post and LOVE the idea of the pink glitter on the shells, I must do some of those !! Nice to see your blog and take care, come visit me too.

  18. well happy pink saturday! I enjoyed your pinks! What a lovely project, and the glitter is wonderful.

  19. Welcome to your first week with Pink Saturday - I hope you enjoy your blog-hopping, see everyone's posts.

    I love what you've done with the shells - a very unique and imaginative way of creating a memory. I love the bottle you made for your mother too - a wonderful idea.

    Happy Pink Saturday, and Happy Mother's Day (sorry I'm late - my husband whisked me out for dinner last night, so I didn't get my visiting done).

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! I see glass jars like this at yard sales all the time, but didn't know what to do with them. Now I do! The pink glitter makes this one pop!

  21. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Kim. I am so glad you decided to join us. I apologize that it has taken me this long to visit, but I have been so busy at work.

    Your shells look so pretty. I love all types of shells, and I have some on shelves in my office.


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