Sunday, February 13, 2011

It didn't start off as a fairy tale

Will my prince charming come? It didn't start off as a fairy tale but she kissed the frog, she married a prince... and together they are living happily ever after.

The Frog Prince is a fairy tale that I read while growing up, and the best known version is of the Brothers Grimm. In this fairy tale, a spoiled princess befriends a frog, reluctantly. The frog is magically transformed into a handsome prince after being kissed by the beautiful princess. In early versions of the fairy tale the frog turns into a prince when he is allowed to spend one night on the princess's pillow.
The Frog Prince is a lovely fairytale filled with hope and love. It is an age old tale of how things may not be what they seem, and how wonderful things may come in less than wonderful packaging. Don't we all dream of finding our prince and falling in love and living happily ever after?

Treasure your “life story.” When you stay together with someone you love, someone you grow with, someone you share a history with it becomes both of your stories. This “story” is something to treasure it's your life history. No other person will know you as intimately and personally for all the years of your life. The bond you share as husband and wife are like no other. I can't imagine anyone else who I would rather share all of my hopes and dreams with. Someone that knows my happiness and disappointments as fully as me, and who love me and my children the way no other could understand. We share the same memories of our children being born, growing, learning, their triumphs and their failures. True life is not really a fairy tale, nor is it a long romantic movie. It takes a great amount of love, patience, understanding, give and take to remain in a marriage. The bonds of a family should not be easily discarded when things are tough or not going well. I treasure our life history for what it is, a gift from god that has brought me tremendous pleasure along with some heartache. I'm not sure where the next chapter will take us but I'm anxious to turn the next page, as my best friend will always be by my side, my very own Prince Charming!