Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things Change...But This Is A "Shore Thing"!

While my husband and I are not crazy about changes we bought a new house and are moving close to the Jersey Shore. It wasn't anything we could have ever imagined, it happened when we went away for a weekend two months ago... We were visiting family and saw a cute house on the same street and on a whim we went to look at it... the next thing I know we are making an offer to buy the house... we have totally turned our lives upside down and are moving to a new state. I could never imagine either of us doing this but we are and I'm embracing it fully. I am very excited to start this new chapter in our life and it shall begin tomorrow as we leave to close on our new home. Once we are settled I will share a few pictures with you of our Mirror Lake home. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe and healthy!

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