Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodwill Compote and Cherry Basket...

I'm participating in Debbie's Garage Salen Partay, she's a fantastic host, please stop by and visit Debbie or maybe join in the fun!

While I was out thrift shopping this past week I found a set of six glass compote's and a glass cherry basket at Goodwill. I paid .65 cents for each compote and $1.49 for the glass basket. The compote's and the glass basket will be perfect for my Memorial Day table this week, what a great find!

Darling compote...

Warm Berry Compote, yummy...

Glass basket...

Fresh Cherry's in glass basket, delicious!

Don't forget to head over and party with Debbie and the other girls!


  1. Oh how pretty are those? They had your name all over them. Thanks so much for joining in on the party. I think it may be a bit quiet due to the holiday.....have a great happy, safe one!~

  2. We have a lot to be grateful for - your post is a good reminder!

  3. Your table is really pretty. I never pass up on etched glass if I see it at the goodwill. I have a few peices that I prize that I have found over the years. Yours are lovely.

  4. Your table is so pretty! Love your great finds! The berries and whipped cream are making me drool!!

  5. Love the red white and blue table! You got some great finds!!


  6. Hi Kim, I love your pieces! I think stemmed goblets are so elegant. I looked high and low for stemmed but heavy water glasses and finally found some at Tuesday Morning. I only found 4 so I save them for company dinner. I am still looking for more so I can use them for everyday. Have a wonderful holiday. Your table looks so pretty

  7. Your post is both pretty and looks delicious! They were a great find and look perfect with your tablescape!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. You found some lovely things and good prices. I really like the little glass basket! Great post!

  9. Those compotes are so pretty and look a lot like the flowers on my little crystal bowl I found.

  10. When I see these glasses, I don't stop to think how I could use them. So, I pass them by. Never again! Thinks for the tip.

  11. Oooh I love those! What great deals! Your table looks awesome!! I heart Goodwill. :)

  12. Your table is really pretty. I love cherries in a bowl. They are so lovely that way. One of my friends taught us a different way to eat them that we love. We wash them and put them in a bowl of ice water for at least 30 minutes before we are ready to eat them. It makes them really crispy and delicious!

    Cool glass compotes. I can't believe you got them for so cheap!

    Hooray for you!


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