Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thrifty "RED" finds...

I flipped my "LID" this week...

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I thought I'd share a few of my SA finds from last week. After seeing all the awesome things many of you, my blogging friends where bringing home from Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift stores, I went on a hunt. Wow, I really had so much fun and was able to find some really nice things at such great prices! Okay, I'm hooked; I would have never believed you could really find such pretty things in these stores. I have donated many of my items over the years and now that I understand the thrill of the hunt, I'm sure my things gave joy to someone else. A little lesson for me on giving and receiving was learned by shopping!

I'm so happy with the bargains I found, I wonder if "Home Goods" put out a missing person's report on me. Surely someone must have noticed that I have been missing in Action!

Don't fret "Home Goods"; I'll be back for a visit soon, sshhh, don't tell them I'm cheating on them.

The table is set for an quick; early morning coffee, come sit and have some banana bread or a coconut cupcake or two!

Temp-tations Oven-to-Table Set; found at "Salvation Army"...

The wicker serving holder for the Temptations Ovenware...

Isn't she sooo pretty... all "Cherry" and bright...

Notice the pink cupcake, I had to sneak it daughter's birthday was yesterday so I had done a little baking!

So pretty and in perfect condition; not bad for $3.99!

Like my top...isn't it snazzy? Pretty, hot, huh?

See the pretty "RED" candle holders, I found them at "Salvation Army" as well for just .99 cents...

I just love the "RED" translucent glass candle holders, they add just the right height to my little kitchen table...

Like my "RED" cupcake liners, I saw them at Jo-Ann Fabric and had to have them!

Yummy Coconut Cupcakes...

This one is covered in fresh coconut, my honey's favorite...

Blew out the "RED" candles but left the "Birthday" cupcake lit for a few more minutes...

Snuggled in together, so happy...

Thanks, Debbie, for hosting such a fun day!

I hope your day is filled with "SUNSHINE", thank you for visiting; I really appreciate each of your "SWEET" comments.

So please tell me "What kinda thrifty, fun loving girl are you"?


  1. Kim that so had your name and address on it!~ What a great find...and don't worry I will not tell TJ's and Marshalls I am two timing on them too these days:) THanks for linking will meet some awesome friends this way too:) Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your table setting and the cupcake looks yummy! Your thrifty find is awesome and I hope you enjoy using it!

  3. Kim, this is so strange... I know I left a comment, but I can't find it! SO, here goes... GREAT FIND! Loved your tablescape, and the cupcake. Well, the cupcake makes me want to order a dozen more like it. SO cute and pink and fun!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Hi Kim!

    Girl, you scored with that covered dish and basket! love it! Your table looks wonderful. Please pass me a cupcake! :)

  5. Love your great finds. I am with you, I donated to GW for years and never went inside, then this last year I got hooked. Now I am there at least once a week. I am constantly amazed at the great stuff I find. Home Goods is great too, but I really do enjoy the hunt. Your table looks fabulous and the cupcakes look soooooooo yummy. Hope your weekend is a great one. Hugs, Marty

  6. Welcome to the world of thrifting! I love poking around in thrift's amazing what neat things you can find!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Hi Kim!

    I LOVE coconut cake!!! I might have to make these!

    Happy Pink Day!

    love, kelee @

  8. Beautiful find and what a great deal too! Love that serving dish! Your whole tablesetting it so pretty too! Love it!

  9. What a great find! I never find anything this good at Goodwill!


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