Thursday, May 6, 2010

They say we choose our Mother's...

Welcome To "Show and Tell Friday" hosted by Cindy at Romantic Home.

Before we get to my "Show and Tell" pictures...

I wrote this for my Mother on her birthday last November but I wanted to share it with you. My beautiful mom is 84 years old; she has always been my best friend. I am one of ten children and have truly been blessed. My mother has taught me that the most important thing in life is family, nothing else really matters. We are all very close, I love my mom and all my brothers and sisters dearly. And of course I love my husband, my three children and two granddaughters, they are the world to me!

They say we choose our Mother's
And I do believe that’s true
I can't imagine life without my mother
You mean the world to me.
You've always been there with me
For each of life’s special moments
Cheering me on, letting me know I
Could do anything even when I doubted myself.
Never judging me when I failed
Pushing me to try harder. You've had more faith
In me when I have had none.
God truly blessed me when he placed me in your
Arms, he knew I would be loved and cared for by you.
And for this gift from God I count my blessings daily
For this journey I have shared with my mother, my best
Friend a true lady. I love you mom and want to thank you for
The GIFT OF YOU! Happy Mother's Day!

This is my off white wicker bench that I finally got put together, recently. I decorated it for Mother's Day. My daughter bought me the large, off white, shabby chic teacup and saucer with a beautiful Gerber plant, as an early gift for Mother's Day. I think it's so darling; it's just my style and goes well with everything I have.

Everything else shown on the bench are things I have, I just gathered them all together and re-arranged everything until I was satisfied. I think it came out very nice and it's very pleasing to my eye. I love how the glow of the cake candle and the pillar candle behind it gives so much interest to the pictures. It is so amazing to me, how you view things so differently through the lens of a camera. I have learned so much about photography over the last years. I really should take a class, as I love taking pictures and documenting our family lives. Scrapbooking is another passion of mine.

When I create a vignette and include a picture that I have, I try to pull elements from the picture into the vignette. If you look closely at the picture on the center of the bench you will notice that it has a French floral bucket filled with flowers much like the container of flowers I added behind the pillow to the right. I also pulled the teacup from the picture and put teacups on the bench. I try to use this concept also when I have pictures hanging on a wall and a table or shelf nearby. Try it and it will really make you look at your wall art differently and it will help you come up with ideas for beautiful vignettes.

My sweet mother-in-law pictured above next to the large teacup. I didn't write the words in this poem, but did change a few, I'm not sure who to give credit for writing it, but I feel exactly this way about her, she was much loved and my children still ache for her even after nine years.

To a Wonderful

After we met, It was plain to see why my
Husband was so Kind and True.
The reason why?
The excellence that lies inside of you.

You were Wonderful, Beautiful and Wise…
And I’m happy to have had you as part of my life
For knowing you enhanced the Joy I have in being your
Son’s wife.

For People like you are Unique and Rare
And I’m happy to say that my life was truly blessed by having
You there.

You are a reminder of what a Mother should be

And I miss everything you were to our family and me.

Missing you today and everyday!
Your Daughther-In-Law

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  1. Oh boy...this was so heart warming!!! I love your tribute to your mom!


    Do come see who it is, won't you? Happy Friday.

  2. Oh my heavens this is a very sweet treat! Makes me want to call my mom...but she is sleeping. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful display!

  3. Good morning, Kim! What could be more lovely for Mother's Day than this beautiful poem you wrote for your mom and the beautiful photos in the mosaics! Gerber daisies are so sweet and one of my daughters favorite flowers.

    So nice stopping by and visiting with you! Thanks for visiting my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, ldh

  4. So nice Kim you are the best I love the tribute..

  5. So touching!! I love the pictures! Your displays are beautiful. You can tell how much time you put into this and your attention to detail is superb! Can't wait to see what you have next! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Kim, your poem is such a wonderful tribute to your mom. Looks like she raised you right! Love your mosaic with all your treasures. So glad you came by my blog since it brought me to yours. I'm signing up to visit again. Happy Mothers day to you!

  7. Hi Kim!

    First off, our poems were just beautiful! Your mother and MIL must be very proud to have you for a daughter!

    The bench is just gorgeous! and all the pretty touches on it are perfect!

  8. What beautiful words and pictures you have shared with us today. I lost my mom when I was quite young, but it is really heartwarming to hear you give such tribute to yours.


  9. Wow Kim, that really is beautiful. I'm sure your tribute meant the world to both Moms today!
    Thank you for dropping by Recaptured Charm, thanks for your kind words and your hug. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Kim, your poetry gave me chills and your comment on my blog brought me to tears! Seriously! I can't even explain it, I just started welling up. You really touched me and I'm so glad to have "met" you.

  11. Hi Kim, thank you for your kind comments on my blog..and I love the tribute to your mom and mother in law! What special relationships you have had with them..

    I love your vignettes, come decorate for me anytime!



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