Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm very excited and honored to be a featured blogger today at "How Sweet The Sound" for Pink Saturday! Beverly has been hosting Pink Saturday for over two years now and on May 29Th Beverly celebrated her second anniversary of Pink Saturday's! You can view my post celebrating her 2ND anniversary here if you wish.

Beverly's first Pink Saturday post was April 12, 2008, and the first day others started posting with Beverly was on May 31, 2008. At first there were two participants and the second week there were an additional twelve participants, and it has continued to grow and grow. Beverly has had close to 800 different people participate in Pink Saturday. All Beverly asks is that you share something pink if you participate, that’s all! It’s easy and so much fun to join in with a great group of bloggers who share the same love of pink.

I never really thought of myself as a big fan of pink until I started participating in Pink Saturday a few months ago! I really love pink more than I realized and seem to have no problem finding something pink to share since my first Pink Saturday post on May 8Th 2010!

Will my prince charming come? It didn't start off as a fairy tale but she kissed the frog, she married a prince... and together they are living happily ever after.

This week’s Pink Saturday post is dedicated to my husband who has encouraged me to the fullest since I started my new blog and who is always there for me, he truly is the wind beneath my wings!

The Frog Prince is a fairy tale that I read while growing up, and the best known version is of the Brothers Grimm. In this fairy tale, a spoiled princess befriends a frog, reluctantly. The frog is magically transformed into a handsome prince after being kissed by the beautiful princess. In early versions of the fairy tale the frog turns into a prince when he is allowed to spend one night on the princess's pillow.
The Frog Prince is a lovely fairytale filled with hope and love. It is an age old tale of how things may not be what they seem, and how wonderful things may come in less than wonderful packaging. Don't we all dream of finding our prince and falling in love and living happily ever after?

Treasure your “life story.” When you stay together with someone you love, someone you grow with, someone you share a history with it becomes both of your stories. This “story” is something to treasure it's your life history. No other person will know you as intimately and personally for all the years of your life. The bond you share as husband and wife are like no other. I can't imagine anyone else who I would rather share all of my hopes and dreams with. Someone that knows my happiness and disappointments as fully as me, and who love me and my children the way no other could understand. We share the same memories of our children being born, growing, learning, their triumphs and their failures. True life is not really a fairy tale, nor is it a long romantic movie. It takes a great amount of love, patience, understanding, give and take to remain in a marriage. The bonds of a family should not be easily discarded when things are tough or not going well. I treasure our life history for what it is, a gift from god that has brought me tremendous pleasure along with some heartache. I'm not sure where the next chapter will bring me but I'm anxious to turn the next page, as my best friend will always be by my side, my very own Prince Charming!

I'm so thankful to Beverly and my new blogging friends for inspiring me each day to be more creative, for making me think outside of the box and celebrate each day to the fullest! I have only been blogging for a few months and love the sense of community I have found! I am truly honored that Beverly has featured me today and am thankful for her hosting Pink Saturday each week.

I love your sweet comments! Perhaps today you would like to take a moment or two to share your story of you and your prince! Or perhaps, you're still waiting for him to come along...

I'm off to find my Prince, I'm not sure where he went off to, but before I go here is the yummy information on my pretty pink table...

I layered my table with a pink tablecloth purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop and added pink placemats that where purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The napkins are Bardwil linen; the pattern is Audrey and the green glass napkin rings are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The pink hydrangea dishes, butter pats, platter, water pitcher and butterfly light were all purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop.

The beautiful pink chargers where purchased at JC Penney.

Mystique Flatware is Cambridge found at JC Penney.

The wine glasses are Palm and the pretty blue water goblets are from GW.

The crystal candlesticks are also a find from GW and are Vintage Echt Bleikristall.

The set of crystal sherbets were found at GW and are filled with Vanilla Meringue cookies.

The glass basket filled with strawberries was also found at GW.

The two gold down filled pillows are from Home Goods, the pink burlap pillow with roses and soft ruffles is a purchase from my blogging friend; Sissie.

The other two pillows usually sit on my guest room bed and are also from Home Goods.

The large centerpiece frog that was the inspiration for the design of this tablescape is made by The Stone Bunny, Inc. and was designed by an American artist Telle M. Stein. It was recently purchased at TJ Maxx, as was the cute frog teapot, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl and creamer.

The sweet pink “Once Upon a Time” pillow trimmed with ball fringe was purchased at Home Goods recently; my tablescape story would not have been complete without this cute pillow.

My Handsome Prince Charming...


  1. OH Kim, this was the most charming post ever done!~ Well at least that I have seen. Let's start with that super cute table setting...Oh my it is so stinking cute!~ THen the story you wrote about you and your husband, gosh that is so true, and I really never thought of some of those things the way you said so lovely. I really enjoyed this post. I can see your heart is put into so much you do and love, and I envy that in you. Have a great weekend my friend. Enjoy your deserve it!

  2. A handsome Prince indeed! A lovely fairytale tablescape every last detail makes it that more special and memorable!A delightful way to begin my day!

  3. What a lovely post!! Rejoicing with you over your wonderful husband and the married life you share. I am celebrating this was 25 years ago this month that my prince asked me to marry him. In February, we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. A loving marriage is indeed a blessing.

    Your tea table is simply stunning. What a joy to have tea and fellowship at such a table.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  4. HPS...Your table for tea is so pretty one would not want to leave it...LOVE your frog prince...he is so cute. I have a granddaughter that collects frogs and she would adore him! Love your pretty pillow and everything on that pretty table.


  5. That's a beautiful story. I love the frog and the prince. You told it well my friend. Your table is just perfect too. What a wonderful family you have. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  6. What a beautiful post! Love the table and the whole prince/frog theme - romantic! Linda

  7. stunning post...
    have fun being featured pink Saturday blog.

  8. What a wonderful post!! And a handsome Prince Charming :) Your tablescape is just beautiful and inviting. Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Warmest, Brenda

  9. Simply beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday. Have a great weekend. Winona

  10. Hi Kim,
    I am so glad that you are one of my blogging friends, you are so adorable and I just love you!
    You're uber creative and have elegant taste. Everything you touch and arrange becomes instant loveliness. I envy your ability to do such lovely tablescapes. The frog and the princess theme is the sweetest ever. I love how you placed your hubs white jacket and tie on the chair! (Oh, be still my heart!)
    He is a cutie and you are such a lovely couple.

    Big squeezy hugs to you.


  11. Oh, Kim, I love a post like this! It is simply charming! I so appreciate a love story and yours has a happy ending. Mine has a happy ending too, I'm thrilled to say!
    Love all your pinks; especially the pink chargers and that sweet pillow! Love the hydrangea plates too.
    Your Prince Charming does indeed look charming and congrats on being an example of love and longevity to others. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you.


  12. Hi Kim,

    What a sweet story of you and your Prince charming! Cute table setting! Thanks for sharing with us! Many more happy yrs with your prince!


  13. Hi Kim!
    Such a wonderful post and pictures filled with little detail treats everywhere you turn!!!
    The froggy S&P is darling :-)
    Thank you for sharing your love of Life AND the love OF your Life!!
    Oh my he is quite the handsome guy you lucky lady!! I have one too - 31 years next month!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  14. Lovely post! Your table is just divine!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  15. Beautiful pink table setting and lovely decorations. Great post. Happy Pink Saturday.


  16. Happy Pink Saturday, Kim. I hope you enjoyed your day as a featured participant.

    Your fairy tale is a wonderful testament to the blessings of a good marriage. And, your fairy tale table setting is magical.

    I do have my very own prince charming, and we will soon be married forty years. And, it has been forty years of wedded bliss.

  17. Beautiful post! Happy belated Pink Saturday!!

  18. Hi Kim! I know how very lucky you are to have a prince charming, because I have one too! Your table is lovely and your post inspiring! Happy Pink Saturday to you!!

    Susan and Bentley

  19. What a great post, thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! Esther XX

  20. Hi Kim: What lovely heartfelt sentiments that you have shared. You weave such pretty words. I too am married to my prince who can sometimes turn back into a frog! But that is part of life and a long marriage (almost 20). I'm sure there are days he feels I am a frog too! I LOVE your pink pillow! Glad you have joined Bev and the rest of us pink lovers for Pink Saturday.
    Take Care,

  21. Beautiful Pink Saturday post! Happy (Belated) pink Saturday.

  22. I will be celebrating my 33 anniversary this week!! I agree with what you have said; there are many blessings in a growing relationship! God bless!

  23. WEll look at what you are doing! YOu have found a great spot for you that is natural.

    Great post... and heart felt.

    Stop by on Fridays some time and join in with us as we celebrate Finding Beauty...looks like you know the true meaning.


  24. What a beautiful post!
    Very romantic!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. Oh I love this post! Everything is so beautiful! You are so gifted and talented! And by the way....your Prince Charming is very handsome! Have a blessed day. Cindy

  26. Oh Kim

    So glad that you found your Prince Charming!! I know that I found mine too!


  27. Kim,

    I love the romance that you put into Pink saturday. I am also blessed with a wonderful frog!


  28. Kim, you and your husband are a beautiful couple!! I love the story and your tablescape. There is nothing better than to be with the one you love. Congrats!!!



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