Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rednesday ~ Patriotic Door Wreath...

"Happy Rednesday"! Today I am linking up with Sue over at its a Very Cherry World! Please visit Sue and all the other participants for "REDNESDAY"!

What can be better than a day devoted to the color "RED"? I was so excited when I found out about "Rednesday". I definitely am one of those red loving girl's, and my kitchen and living room are accented with reds throughout. As is, one of my bedrooms that is decorated in "Americana" style.

I love to decorate the outside of my home for each season and always do! Since Memorial Day was approaching I needed to get busy and figure out what I was going to put on my door. I was going to buy a new wreath and then I realized I already had an old one that was already decorated but boy was it looking rather tired. I removed all the old things from it and added some nice shiny wired red ribbon.

Gathered up all different kinds of patriotic items...

I had some nice things to choose from....

I grabbed my glue gun and added a God Bless America picture that I purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop...

I had three blocks that say, America, Freedom and Liberty, also from the Christmas Tree Shop that were red, white and blue, just perfect...

I made a big Americana bow and attached that to the wreath with wire...

Gathered up some red berries to add some interest and tucked it in the wreath and hot glued them...

I had a spool of some old jute and three red, white and blue stars, I glued the stars to the jute to hang from the center of my wreath. I wired the jute to my wreath...

My finished Patriotic wreath hung on my front door...

Thanks, Sue, for hosting "REDNESDAY" such a fun day!
I hope your day is filled with "SUNSHINE", thank you for visiting; I really appreciate each of your "SWEET" comments.

So tell me, what kinda red lovin' girl are you?


  1. How creative you are, Kim. This is much better than a store bought wreath! :-)


  2. You did a great job, Beautiful and patriotic.

  3. Hi Kim!
    Your lovely wreath kept getting prettier and prettier as I scolled down the page.

    Very nice and very patriotic.


  4. Oh my goodness this is darling! I love it! You are inspiring me thank you!

  5. So pretty and so very creative!~ You are very much like me...always on the go go go, and changing things around....I knew there was a reason I really liked you:)

  6. Kim, The wreath is perfect! I'm signing up to follow you.

  7. Oh, it's very cute, nicely done... ;-)

  8. You did a good job on your wreath. Trish


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