Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rednesday ~ Measuring Up...

"Happy Rednesday"! Today I am linking up with Sue over at It's a Very Cherry World! Please visit Sue and all the other participants for "REDNESDAY"!
What can be better than a day devoted to the color "RED"? I was so excited when I found out about "Rednesday". I definitely am one of those red loving girl's, and my kitchen and living room are accented with reds throughout.

I found this little collection of Roosters at the GW they were each under $2. The cute Rooster on the left is a teapot, the one in the center is a little sponge holder. The wire basket holding my "RED" silverware is also a GW find for $1.29 as are the cute little "RED" measuring cups.

The Friends and Family plate in the center is a 25th Anniversary gift from my daughter's friend given to my husband and I. It is a plate that is meant to be shared and it says:

This plate shall have no owner
For its journey never ends.
It travels in the circle
Of our family and friends.

It carries love from home to home
For everyone to share.
The food that's placed upon it
Is filled with love and care.

So please enjoy what's on this plate,
Then fill it up again,
And pass along the love it holds,
To family and your friends.

Thanks, Sue, for hosting "REDNESDAY" such a fun day!
I hope your day is filled with "SUNSHINE", thank you for visiting; I really appreciate each of your "SWEET" comments.

So tell me, what kinda red lovin' girl are you?


  1. I literally want to scream! How pathetic I know. Over measuring cups...but I still want to scream. First off,,RED..the best colour in the whole world, thank you very much. Second..GLASS measuring cups..not the plastic..and third the PRICE..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..sigh...I seriously was going to buy me some plastic red measuring cups last week because, well they are red, and I have green at home. I think I will just be patient and God willing, during my treasure hunts on the weekends (yard saling,lol) I'll find me a dandy too..

  2. Love your red measuring cups they are so cute. Your finds at GW are awesome too. Like it!


  3. What a sweet plate and what a blessing to all who get to share it!

    Love the measuring cups and the roosters - I see one got rowdy and you had to cage him!

  4. I'm a rooster lover, so I adore yours! And one of them is a teapot!! I also love the sentiment on that plate, and those measuring cups. I've never seen any like it before!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. Wow!! What adorable reds and the prices are just great, more than great they are terrific!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Oh my those measuring cups are so cute, lovely reds...

  7. I love your measuring cups and roosters!

    Happy Rednesday,

  8. sweet measuring cups and roosters and silverware...great deals too and I must say I LOVE your plate how sweet! Mica/The Child's Paper


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