Monday, June 14, 2010

I hear the whisper of the ocean calling me home...

I hear the whisper of the ocean calling me home; it's as if I belong there. Is this where I'm supposed to be? My heart signs when I hear the wave’s pound against the shore, I can still feel the sunshine on my face, the sand beneath my feet. I feel complete, satisfied and very content, I could ask for nothing more. The wind in my face, the sting of the water as it splashes me, the sounds of the birds as they fly above and my best friend is by my side, is this heaven? He too feels the pull of the ocean; it's calling him too, wooing him with all its vast beauty and splendor. Adventure awaits us, but will we take the plunge together? Will this be our new journey as we go forth, we have never been so sure of anything in our lives, and it just seems to be so perfect, so seductive? Dreams do come true, maybe ours is about to come true too!

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  1. Good for you. You go for it. Our dream is the mountains, yes the Smokies. Someday.

  2. Ah, the lure of the sea, salt and sand, breezes and the surf. Sounds like your wish is about to become a reality.


  3. It is nice to be within an hour from the ocean. Wish we could be there more often. The sound of waves is so soothing!!!

  4. Your what Moving, yes you are right I am amazed at the change a week makes! But you know what....that is how I roll....we moved here in SC all on a whim of regrets and never looked back. How fun, and exciting for you. Congrats, and best wishes...your house will show like a model I just know it. I am not going anywhere I am just NOT posting like all:) Thanks for your support, love ya too:) You asked about word verification...I do it where I read the comments and approve them can do it too, just play around on blogger editing you will see how to do it.

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