Thursday, April 29, 2010

SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY -- Baby Girl Photo Collage...

Welcome To Show and Tell Friday hosted by Cindy at Romantic Home.

Do you remember when you were little, think back, far back... we had to learn how to use scissors. Cutting pictures from old magazines or scraps of paper was a way to practice. Pasting or gluing the pictures down was fun, too. Many of us that have grown into adults like to do cutting and pasting, too. Many professional artists enjoy making collages as well; it's a huge trend right now.

A collage is made from objects that are pasted or attached to something else. The word "collage" comes from the French word, coller, which means to stick. Collages can be flat. You can use many different kinds of paper in a flat collage, like scrapbooking paper or any paper you chose. Collages can be made from 3D objects, too. This kind of art is called a collage in relief. Any of the objects you use in a collage can be glued, nailed, stapled, or even sewn down. A collage is interesting because you can make one out of almost anything! Finding things around your home for a collage is like going on a mini treasure hunt. It's a great way to recycle too! I love "shopping" around my house to see what I can reuse in my crafting.

Most people think of paper when they think of what a collage is made of. The Chinese invented paper way back in 200 B.C., (way before you or I where around) but they didn't invent the art form of collage. Collage was first started in 12th century in Japan. Calligraphers glued small pieces of paper and fabric together. Then, they used the rough surface for their beautiful characters. The patience needed was immense. Medieval artists glued gems, relics, and gold to their exquisite work. I've also read that many Nuns used to make bookmarks adorned with colored papers for their prayer books, another sort of collage. Some collectors made beautiful butterfly wing collages. I'm sure you've seen these before.

As you can see there are many forms of collage, why don't you try one? You might find it will bring back some fond memories of being a child. This is also a great project to do with your children or grandchildren and is very inexpensive to do.

I started off by picking my backround paper. I chose pink roses, as the baby I made this for was named, Rose. The shade of pink was exactly what I wanted.

I then used some aged paper and printed I love you, I love you, I love you, all over the entire paper. I then crinkled the paper up to make it really vintage looking and inked the edges for more aging.

I printed the defintion of "Cherish" and aged the paper it was printed on. Cherish; To treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear: cherish one’s family.
I then embellished my collage with a tiny crocheted doily, a piece of lace with ribbon and some sweet, little, heart buttons in gold and pearl.

I made this gift for new parents, which I recently had the pleasure to meet.
I wanted to make them something I hoped they would treasure for years to come. The photo used in this collage is a photo of me at 8 months old. After receiving my gift they were able to place their own photo of their sweet baby girl; Rose in place of mine.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate your sweet comments and I hope you enjoy my collage. Please be sure to visit Cindy and see a list of other participants.



  1. Kim this is so sweet and creative! I love collages too! I want to try a collage using beesewax. Do you know Suze Weinberg? She has many Utube videos showing the technique. You left such a nice comment when you visited. I am becoming a follower and will find your patriotic post. The url did not wok for some reason so I came back and had to read this post too. Have a good weekend! Joan

  2. Oh this is a beautiful keepsake! Love it!

    Thanks for coming by and following. I'm following you now. :) Have a great weekend!


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