Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reserve Your Seat For An Italian Dinner...

Thank you for stopping by for Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch. Please visit Susan at her blog for a list of other participants.

It's very rare to have a perfect experience, of a great Italian dinner, while dining out. Why not create your own Italian atmosphere, just as if you were in Italy or at a Little Italian Bistro. Dine at home with fresh, simple flavorings of the Mediterranean, a great bottle of wine and a warm, inviting, atmosphere.

With a few fresh ingredients you can create easy, delicious, Italian recipes. I don't know anyone who doesn't love Italian food! Especially if my husband (my very Italian husband) is doing the cooking. There are only the two of us at home but he cooks enough for the "Italian Army".

I wanted to keep my Italian Tablescape very simple and not fussy. So I chose not to use a tablecloth, I instead used red place mats that I had purchased from Home Goods.

I then used my white ironstone dinner plates from JC Penney and layered them with a red scalloped dish, also from JC Penny. I topped the dish with an Italian Pasta Bowl from a set that I had picked up many years ago; they are from a collection called "Bella".

The pattern is very simple and is decorated with tomatoes, eggplant, yellow peppers, mushrooms and grapes. I use this set all the time, they are well used. I'm careful not to send leftovers home with food in them, for fear they may not return to me. They weren't expensive but I really love them. I added a red scalloped salad bowl for that punch of red!

My wine glasses are "Palm" and they were purchased from Home Goods. I tucked a yellow napkin (with a Fleur DE Li's pattern) inside the wine glass, to add a little height to the table.

In the center of my table I displayed the large Pasta bowl from my "Bella" collection. I then added a crock to hold some pasta...

and added my fat hen/rooster (people call it both, so I'm not sure)...

This is where my husband stepped in and added his touch; he put a small bunch of fresh tomatoes and a hot pepper on the table...

Then he said, "I'll be right back"... I'm wondering what he is up to...

He went looking for a special bottle of wine that his friend Rico; of "Mom & Rico's Specialty Market Inc" had given him. The wine is made by his family and the label is Bocce Bella; "Momma Daniele"! Isn't she beautiful?

He then went on to add a jar of stuffed "Hot Peppers" and my grated cheese container that I purchased at Home Goods. Wait a minute...who is doing this tablescape, anyway?

He really has a nice touch and his additions made our "Italian" tablescape complete...

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope you'll come back soon... My Italian husband now wants to have a "Tablescape" contest with me... I think I created a monster...
He's already been out shopping for his table, I can't wait to see what he designs, I'm sure it will be something very special. Most of all his support is what is dearest to me and I love him all the more for it!

I hope you are blessed with a special someone that supports you no matter what new hobby/craft you enjoy, my guy always has!

Thank you Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday!

I also wanted to mention that Jane at Blondies Journals is having a great give away, please stop by and say hello. Her blog is very lovely!


Mom & Rico's Specialty Market Inc is located in Springfield, MA. If you are ever in that area, stop in and say hi, and tell them how you heard about them!


  1. What a pretty table set for an Italian dinner. Wish my Italian daughter in law would set a pretty table. We were just there and they just place the bread on the tablecloth. No basket or plate. Her family did the same thing when we went to Italy. Italian thing I guess.

  2. Love your table! A great Italian meal is always one of my favorites. My husband always has to "help" me with a tablescape-he's pretty good at it too! thanks for sharing!

  3. How sweet that your husband likes to help out. Can't wait to see the battle of the tablescapes!

    Great job you guys. Perfect Italian set up.


  4. The colors in this tablescape really, really appeal to me! I have just discovered dishes as Penney's as well! They have some good ones. Funny about your husband helping you. Mine wouldn't have a clue!

    I am a faux floral designer and am excited to have found you!


  5. Your table is wonderful. It really looks like it could be in an Italian restaurant! I love all of the bright colors and the tomatoes and pepper are just perfect in the decor!

    Your husband sounds every bit like mine...everything is a competition!! ;-D


  6. Kim, your table is so cheery with the red and thankful your husband takes an interest in the tablescape and wants to help decorate it. I will be staying tuned to see how he does a TT by himself.

  7. What a charming table! I love the way you've layered the dishes, and the bright napkins in the stemware add a festive touch.

  8. Thats a nice italien impression.
    Greetings, Johanna

  9. Your Italian Dinner Table is wonderful! Your dishes are just perfect on the table and how fun that your husband helped add the special touches!

  10. This is so cute! You are a lucky woman to have your husband so interested in the experience. You picked a good one! Can't wait to see his design, Joan

  11. I love the help you got from your husband and it was so terrific. I love your Italian table and the wonderful centerpiece, especially the wine bottle. Pam!


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