Friday, April 30, 2010

Shellapuhlooza 2010!

Shellapuhlooza 2010!

I wanted to let everyone know that Sarah from Tales Of An OC Cottage is having an awesome give away. It's her Shellapuhlooza 2010!

She has the most yummy (no you can't eat them) looking shelliluscious goodies to give away.

Please visit her for more information on entering for your chance(s) to win.

Wait to you feast your eyes on her:

"Sailor's Valentine"...

A little box of lovelies...

A vintage bottle topped with a glittery shell!

Another vintage bottle that holds a "bouquet" full of shimmery

More starfish besides the ones in her "bouquet", 5 in all... AND you get to decide the glitter color.

A totally delightful shell encrusted birdhouse...that she made just for you...with as she says' her own "Flaming Hot Cheetos-stained hands"!

She filled a tiny nest, with even tinier shells and a sand dollar they look sweet(tweet).

Wait to you see the eye candy that is a shell swag she made, and yes, she'll glitter it for you or you can leave it plain. But believe me it's not plain, it's adorable!

A shelliciously pink wreath that is "one shell of a piece of art".

Please be sure to mention that you saw her giveaway posted on my blog. I wish you luck on your entry but I'm really hoping for the Shelliluscious Goodies for myself; I'm being really SHELLFISH!

Thank you for visiting and I love you sweet comments!

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