Thursday, June 7, 2012

Angry Bird hat giveaway at Rachel Brenke Photography

My adorable "Angry Bird" hat I made for Photographer Rachel Brenke's son; Caleb is being featured for a giveaway on Rachel's Blog. Caleb wore my hat for his newborn photo shoot and he looks so darling in his nest. Rachel Brenke is an El Paso, Texas-based wedding and senior photographer. In addition to her photography she offers business consulting services and workshops. You should definitely go over to Rachel's blog and enter for a chance to win my hat, how cool would it be to win something worn and made exclusively for Caleb Brenke! Giveaway winner will be announced at Midnight by Rachel on her blog. Good luck, can't wait to see who wins... And don't worry if you don't win my "Angry Bird" hat in Rachel's giveway it being sold in my shop; "Twirling Barefoot". My shop sells Tutus and other Rockin' Accessories at very reasonable prices. You can find my shop "Twirling Barefoot" here and if you'd like you can visit my facebook page as well! Thank you so much!


  1. "That is TOO CUTE"! Your hat, a BEAUTIFUL baby and a nest. PERFECTION!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

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