Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a wonderful Christmas...

I made this red and white scarf by combining different yarns, I love the big white "snowball" yarn. This was made for my granddaughter for Christmas, I think they are sooo cute! And since this scarf didn't require knitting or crocheting anyone can make these!

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and although I am tired from all the baking, cooking and ho ho hoing I don't want it to end... I still have some craft projects that I had started and didn't get to finish that were intended for gift for a special someone. I also started some projects were just things that I liked and wanted to do just because! Every year I intend to start to work on my crafts sooner but I am more apt to wait until Christmas draws near to feel the inspiration. Do you do that too? And of course with Pinterest and all you talented bloggers the ideas that come to me are never ending. My head is constantly a buzz with idea after idea... make all the noise in there go away, lol! So even though Christmas is over I'm really going to see if I can stay inspired and work on those crafts that I wanted to get done and then I'll be ready for Christmas next year! Ya right, good luck with that, huh?

I hope you all had a magical Christmas and hope that Santa was good to you too!


  1. Love that scarf Kim, you did a great job. I wish I had some projects buzzing in my head..but NOT yet. Happy new year!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I am a scarf freak and I love the one you created. Looks pretty on you. Love your picture. You are so beautiful.

    I've got a gazillion ideas swimming around in my head too. Hope you can get motivated to start on yours because I think I'm still out of steam! LOL!


  3. It was a great Christmas but so busy! Everything at your house looks gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed new year!!

    Lou cinda

  4. Lovely scarf you have made. I like your pictures with it.


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