Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Seeing Red...

I have loved using red to decorate in my kitchen for the past few years. Red is the color of passion, but I'm careful not to over do it. Red can be very cheery and happy but can cause anger if you use to much of it (I'm told). So you need to keep that in mind when using red to decorate in a room, you have to know when enough is enough.

I like to use red as an accent color in everything from wall decor, clocks, candles, dishes and even my silverware. When you have accents of red it gives a punch to other things you might not even notice in your room. I think red can entice and invite you into a room and it's perfect in my kitchen/dining area. Food looks great on red plates and red works any time of the year and for any holiday.

So are you seeing "red" today too?

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