Friday, October 1, 2010

Mirror Lake Cottage...

Our new house is starting to feel like "home"! My honey and I have enjoyed picking out the paint colors, furniture, bedding, art, etc. While we still have a bathroom to remodel, flooring that needs to be replaced and other things that need to be done... we are enjoying this journey.

Since we purchased this home on a whim, and let the pull of the ocean draw us in we are in no rush to finish everything at once. All the little imperfections don't bother me at all, which if you know me... it is so unlike me. I have gone from having granite counters, cherry cabinets, tumbled marble backsplash, stainless appliances in my other home to formica counters, plain white applicances and oak cabinets in the new home and I just don't care. I love this house the way it is. It's not fussy, just a fun place to be and my little bit of heaven. Having the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean in my back yard is enough for me.

Everyday is exciting, I love having twenty ducks come swimming up to our dock begging to be fed. We also have frequent visits from the most beautiful swans, one in paticular likes hissing at our dog; Alexis, she is unfazed and doesn't even bark at him. We also have cranes that stop by, I'm amazed each time a crane takes off from the water, their wing span is unreal and it really is awesome to watch them fly!I hope you enjoy the pictures I have shared today, once we have more done I will post more.

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  1. Your home is lovely....I like your back yard to. God Bless Trish

  2. it's not going to be long before your house is a home and it looks like you are well on your way there! I love your nautical decor {and I'd love to curl up on that chaise of yours!}. Great view of the water and I know how swans can be...beautiful but a tad mean!!

    Enjoy your new place!


  3. Gorgeous. Looks like a piece of heaven. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Kim,
    I can see why you are loving your new home. The view and your surroundings are so pretty and a joy to wake up to each day.

    You are making your house a home and it is looking so pretty.


  5. I love your house!!! Such a happy looking place:) Enjoy~

  6. What a lovely place you have. The swans look so sweet.

  7. kim I can't believe all you have done. It looks gorgeous and so homey already! I adore those lamps in the LR..really cool. Enjoy, I can bet you are!!~ Debbie

  8. Your new home is beautiful! As a beach lover myself, I love all the beach inspired decor and colors. Very pretty!

    You've really given me something to think about with this post. I shouldn't be so bothered by all the imperfections as we work through the list of projects at the house/farm we bought on a whim a year ago. Some days I feel so overwhelmed by everything that still needs to be done. I think I'm going to adopt your attitude and try to enjoy the journey more. :)

  9. How exciting starting over and having a place to fix up. I am sure it is quite a change from what you had, but what fun making a new home especially on the water!

  10. Trying to get caught up on some of my bloggin'. What a total slice of heaven you have there. I adore the color you chose for the walls to accent the white. ITS so perfect in every way. Just what I would want, that kind of nature out my back door. I hear those swans can really to big job on your property, you have to step lightly... but oh what a peaceful place you have there. I would so love a cottage by the water, I too would give up my granite counter tops...etc for a slice of heaven.

    Breath deep and enjoy.


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